Shining the Spotlight on Brad Yates

Shining the Spotlight on Brad Yates Posted by on Sep 19, 2005

Family & Relationships

You’re Beyond Compare

You’re Beyond Compare Posted by on Jul 22, 2009


Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA?

Have You Been Diagnosed with RGA? Posted by on Dec 12, 2006

Health & Living

The Bored Ultimatum

The Bored Ultimatum Posted by on Aug 6, 2007


Erase & Replace

Erase & Replace Posted by on Jul 29, 2005

Science & Technology

Percussive Suggestion Technique

Percussive Suggestion Technique Posted by on Oct 17, 2009

Sports & Play

No Matter What

No Matter What Posted by on Mar 16, 2006


EFT for Fear of Driving

EFT for Fear of Driving Posted by on Jan 12, 2011

Work & Money

Stream of Feelings Tapping

Stream of Feelings Tapping Posted by on Aug 23, 2005

EFTzone Posts

FREE Tapping Summit 2014

Feb 17, 14 FREE Tapping Summit 2014

Posted by in Events, Learning

Mark your calendar for Monday, February 24th for the sixth annual Tapping World Summit. That’s the day that this premier annual event starts. Over 500,000 people have participated online last year. If you’re new to EFT and tapping or you’re an accomplished practitioner, this is one experience you won’t want...

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Using EFT for First Bite Syndrome

May 28, 13 Using EFT for First Bite Syndrome

Posted by in Health & Living

About ten days ago, I had surgery to remove a benign tumor deep in the back of my throat. It was larger than a golf ball and located in the right parapharyngeal space near the Parotid gland. Afterwards, one of the things my surgeon told me is that I would most likely have what’s called, First Bite Syndrome. This is a...

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Learn EFT from Gary & Tina Craig

Jul 30, 12 Learn EFT from Gary & Tina Craig

Posted by in Learning

He’s back. As you may know, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT retired in 2010. Last year, Gary said that he and his daughter, Tina, were working on a new EFT free tutorial website. It’s here and you should definitely visit the new GaryThink site. It’s loaded with valuable tutorials and information on EFT....

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EFT Project Where You Can Make a Difference

Mar 21, 12 EFT Project Where You Can Make a Difference

Posted by in Work & Money

What are your beliefs about prisoners? Are you empathetic or apathetic? Do you think any of them can change or want to change? Just like in society, there are many types of people in prison. Some want to continue as career criminals. Others are highly motivated to change. A ways back, I had the opportunity to teach EFT for a...

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Allowing Happiness on Cue

Nov 17, 11 Allowing Happiness on Cue

Posted by in Health & Living

In a blog post titled, Happiometricians, published a few years ago, I said that I’d found a great way to get an energy buzz by tapping on the EFT points while saying, “I release any ways that I’m feeling unhappy. I choose happiness right here, right now.” Although we may not all agree on what happiness is,...

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Boss Acting Like a Baboon?

Oct 19, 11 Boss Acting Like a Baboon?

Posted by in Science & Technology

Years ago, I read what I consider the best book out there on how stress affects our health, psyche and spirit. It’s Stanford professor and researcher Robert Sapolsky’s, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers. He’s a biologist specializing in neuro-endocrinology. I just watched a older National Geographic Special,...

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