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Shining the Spotlight on Lindsay Kenny

Shining the Spotlight on Lindsay Kenny Posted by on Aug 2, 2007

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EFT for War Veterans

EFT for War Veterans Posted by on Nov 11, 2008

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What is Love?

What is Love? Posted by on Oct 18, 2006

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Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom Limb Pain Posted by on Oct 30, 2007

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Not “Buying Into” Accepting ...

Not “Buying Into” Accepting Yourself? Posted by on Feb 27, 2006

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Percussive Suggestion Technique

Percussive Suggestion Technique Posted by on Oct 17, 2009

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No Matter What

No Matter What Posted by on Mar 16, 2006

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Whoopi Goldberg Tapping

Whoopi Goldberg Tapping Posted by on Apr 6, 2009

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Stream of Feelings Tapping

Stream of Feelings Tapping Posted by on Aug 23, 2005

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Stress Sucks

Jun 11, 08 Stress Sucks

Posted by in Work & Money

Stress overload sucks away your energy, your health and well-being. The common cultural belief about stress is that if you’re not stressed, you’re not working hard enough. Right? Stress equals success? Wrong. It’s better to be in the “flow.” This is the mental state defined by positive psychologist...

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FREE Online “Radiant Woman” EFT Comic Book

Jun 01, 08 FREE Online “Radiant Woman” EFT Comic Book

Posted by in Family & Relationships

For EFT to become accepted mainstream requires a two-pronged push/pull strategy. It needs research to be accepted by health care professionals (push). Plus, consumers (EFT users) need to pull from the grassroots level. Pharmaceutical companies know very well how to create “pull.” They’ve been doing it with...

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Shining the Spotlight on Dawson Church

May 16, 08 Shining the Spotlight on Dawson Church

Posted by in Audios

Are you interested in EFT and other energy healing methods, but want to know the science behind it? Look no further. Meet Dawson Church. Just don’t try to label him because he has multiple abilities. First, he’s an author. In fact, he’s authored or edited over 200 books in the fields of health, psychology and...

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Radiant Woman

May 10, 08 Radiant Woman

Posted by in Learning

There are many good ways to learn EFT. My favorite way is watching Gary Craig’s videos. They offer in-depth learning. They’re convenient. You can study at your own pace. There are also classes, seminars and products offered by EFT Masters and others. These are great ways to dive into EFT if you want to be a...

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Rod Sherwin & Tap4Health

Apr 25, 08 Rod Sherwin & Tap4Health

Posted by in Health & Living

At least once a week, I receive an e-mail from an EFT practitioner who has put up a new Website or blog and wants to add an EFTzone link to their site. I tell them to contact me six months from now. Ninety percent of the time, their Website is gone. Or their blog has three or four posts. Or the last post was back in 2006. The sites...

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Money is a Feeling

Apr 08, 08 Money is a Feeling

Posted by in Favorites, Work & Money

It’s only money, honey. Money is a feeling. As a follow-up to Financial Storm, because there’s so much focus on the economy being tight, people are getting uptight. Several people have asked me how to use EFT for money issues. Of course, one of the best places to go is Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance Website. About 12...

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