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Shining the Spotlight on Phillip Mountro...

Shining the Spotlight on Phillip Mountrose Posted by on Sep 17, 2007

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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Posted by on Nov 13, 2006

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And Then What?

And Then What? Posted by on Oct 22, 2009

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Make EFT a Daily Habit Like Brushing You...

Make EFT a Daily Habit Like Brushing Your Teeth Posted by on Feb 6, 2006

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Wooed Gratitude

Wooed Gratitude Posted by on Dec 20, 2007

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Science Linking Mind & Emotions to ...

Science Linking Mind & Emotions to Physical Health Posted by on Mar 16, 2005

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A Noteworthy Musician

A Noteworthy Musician Posted by on Jun 22, 2006

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Whoopi Goldberg Tapping

Whoopi Goldberg Tapping Posted by on Apr 6, 2009

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Stress Sucks

Stress Sucks Posted by on Jun 11, 2008

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Combining EFT & “Afformations”

May 14, 07 Combining EFT & “Afformations”

Posted by in Learning

Although most of the time we’re doing it subconsciously, internally we ask a lot of questions. Our minds are like search engines. Ask a question and our minds automatically search for information to provide an answer. Ask positive questions and we’ll get positive answers. Conversely, negative questions beget negative...

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Roundup of Free EFT Video Clips

May 02, 07 Roundup of Free EFT Video Clips

Posted by in Learning

A few years ago, the only way to learn about EFT was by going to Gary Craig’s Website and purchasing a set of videos. That’s if you were really serious about learning EFT because the shortest DVD set was 13 hours long. That’s all changed. Nick Ortner and his team now to an annual online tapping summit. There are...

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Sweet Nightmares

Apr 09, 07 Sweet Nightmares

Posted by in Health & Living

A friend of mind came to me and said that she had dreamt the same “nightmare” for the past two nights. Although she couldn’t make sense of her dream, the emotions were quite powerful, and she really wanted to find out what the dream meant. According to some books on dreams, recurring dreams happen when a situation...

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Consciously Resisting, Forbidding

Mar 28, 07 Consciously Resisting, Forbidding

Posted by in Learning

A real innovator with EFT, Dr. Patricia Carrington is the creator of the popular Choices Method. In her March, 2007 newsletter, she posted an excellent article where she discussed doing a technique she calls “The EFT Forbidding Tactic.” Here’s the article from her free newsletter Meridian Tapping Times. The EFT...

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Well-Known Secret

Mar 12, 07 Well-Known Secret

Posted by in Learning

There’s not a week that goes by now that I don’t get a phone call or e-mail from a friend asking me if I’ve seen The Secret. If you haven’t seen or heard about it yet, The Secret started as a DVD video and also became a book — the #1 selling book in one of the categories of the New York Times...

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Bones to Pick

Feb 25, 07 Bones to Pick

Posted by in Family & Relationships

Betty Moore-Hafter, EFT Practioner and co-author of the book, Freedom at Your Fingertips, has come up with a creative way to deal with personal conflicts and people that you may have an issue with or a “bone to pick.” You can release unwanted negative emotions without ever having to confront anyone. In this article,...

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